Wedding Reception Hall in Omaha Review: The Scoular Ballroom

As a wedding photographer in Omaha, I have visited most of the reception halls. The Scoular Ballroom in downtown is a popular choice for many reasons. It is easy to find, has plenty of parking, can hold 300 or more guests, and is beautiful.

As you walk in, you will notice the vaulted ceilings, and balconies. There is a large dance floor, a stage for the DJ or band to set up on,  and the room has an elegant look. The tables and chairs are high quality, the acoustics are good, and there is plenty of light for good wedding photography. There is usually only one bar, and I believe you can bring in your own caterer.  The staff is attentive, and the restrooms are located in the lobby, and there is an outside area for guests who smoke.

The room has many photography opportunities, as the photographer can shoot from the balconies for a birds eye perspective. There is plenty of room for your photographer to move quickly as the excitement happens. There is a cake table area that has elegant decorations and creative lighting for great pictures of the cutting of the cake. The ceilings are high, so the bride does not have to worry about throwing her bouquet into a chandelier or ceiling fan.

I do not know what renting the room costs, but you can get more information at the Scoular Ballroom website.

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Scoular Ballroom reviewA view of the inside from one of the balconies.

Wedding Photographer reviews Scoular BallroomTable setting photo

M.J.B. Photography Omaha The windows make for a nice backdrop in the wedding dance photos.

wedding photography Omaha

Large dance floor at the Scoular Ballroom.

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