How much should wedding photography cost?

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Shopping for your wedding photographer can be an overwhelming task. There are so many photographers to choose from and prices range from a few hundred dollars to thousands of dollars. After looking at many websites, they all begin to look the same. How does a newly engaged couple find a photographer that is a great value for them?

The first thing a couple should determine is the product they want. Many photographers offer fancy albums, two photographers all day coverage and video too other photographers may just shoot the  photos and give you a disc. There is a big difference in prices between the these two scenarios.  Couples need to realize much of the cost for wedding photography is time equity. If a photographer spends 8 hours with you on your wedding day, they may spend an additional 30 hours editing  and designing your album. A professional photographer needs to make at least $30.00 an hour so for 38 hours of work, $1200.00 is a bargain. On the same page, the photographer that just shoots the pictures and gives you a disc for $800.00 is in actuality charging you $100.00 an hour. In this case the more expensive photographer is the better bargain.

At M.J.B. Weddings, a division of M.J.B. Photography we provide  experienced professionals using Canon cameras and their best lenses to provide creative coverage of your day. The photos are artistically edited with the newest software and copyrights are given to you. By receiving the copyrights to all the edited images of your wedding day, you have complete control of your pictures. You can print your own enlargements and save big! Owner Michael Becka does his best to deliver the highest quality at  an affordable price.

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Professional posing of family and wedding part included.


Creative and beautiful bride portraits included.


Experienced to capture beautiful photos in the toughest situations!

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Complete coverage of your wedding celebration.

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Call Michael at 402-612-0932 to discuss your wedding photography needs.