All about Weddings: The first look

Michael Becka M.J.B. Photography

The big day is here, and the excitement is growing. One of the decisions the couple need to make is if the Bride and Groom will see each other before the ceremony. As the wedding photographer, I encourage the couple to see each other before the ceremony and get the formal pictures finished. This is because the bride will look her best earlier. Her hair, makeup, dress and flowers are at their prettiest and everyone is fresh. If the bride insists on waiting til after the ceremony I never argue with her. In my experience, the groom will be much more relaxed after seeing his bride.

There are different ways for the grooms first look to happen. A traditional way is for the groom to wait at the end of the isle, clear everyone out of the sanctuary, position the bride in the isle and have the groom turn towards her as she begins walking the isle. I always give the couple a few moments to hold each other and share the moment.

A contemporary way is to put the bride and groom on opposite sides of a corner and have them hold hands before they peek around the corner and see each other. This makes for a good photo, and it starts the portrait sessions with an excitement. I have photographed the bride tapping her groom on the shoulder to have him turn to see his bride too.

One thing I have learned in my career as a wedding photographer is that all weddings are different. I have made it a point to not duplicate every pose for every wedding. M.J.B. Weddings captures one of a kind moments, and although there are certain photos that end up in most wedding albums, I strive to keep the pictures fresh an unique. Call Michael Becka at 402-612-0932 to discuss your upcoming wedding.

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