All about the Bouquet and Garter Toss at a Wedding.

creative garter toss at a wedding

The bouquet toss goes back centuries, when guests would try and take a piece of the wedding dress as a symbol of good luck. The brides decided this was not a good practice, and offered a pieces of her wedding bouquet as a substitution. Today the wedding bouquet is still a tradition that many couples follow. If you are planning to toss your flowers, here are a few things you should know. First of don’t wait too long. The toss should follow the cake cutting and¬†first dances but before the dance gets crazy.

Make sure the D.J. announces the bouquet toss, look for single women that may be trying to avoid the toss, and be careful not to hit the ceiling, or anything that may be hanging from the ceiling.

Most importantly, have fun, hug the woman that catches the bouquet, (it makes for a good photo) and get it tossed early in the reception.

I have seen some creative garter toss’ in my career, as guys can be less excited than the women are about the bouquet. I have seen the groom put the garte on a football and “snap” the ball for the toss. I have seen a door prize, included with the garter, such as a bottle of liquor, or a set of shot glasses.

Every wedding is different, some don’t even do the tosses anymore, so it is up to you! Either way, make your reception fun, interact with your guests, don’t stress yourself out and take time to soak in all the excitement on your wedding day.