Wedding Reception Hall in Omaha Review: The DC Center

As a wedding photographer, I have visited most of the reception halls in Omaha. This post will review the DC Center located at 11380 Stonegate drive. The DC center is the largest reception facility in town, and  the first viewing of the building is impressive. Divided into 3 major sections, the center can host multiple […]

All about wedding cakes!

The wedding cake is a tradition that holds true to this day, of the less traditional wedding. Some couples take the wedding cake pretty seriously, and some couples use a little creativity, or offer cup cakes as an alternative. This is a gallery of cakes from recent weddings. I do not know who made them, […]

Engagement photography in Omaha!

Engagement sessions are an important part of your wedding photography for several reasons. First, you get great portraits as a couple. M.J.B. Weddings strive to capture your chemistry and leave you with documentary style photos and professional posed portraits, too. Second, it gives you a chance to work with your photographer before the wedding. Building a […]

How to find your wedding photographer.

There are many options when it comes to wedding photography.An engaged couple can be overwhelmed with the options and packages wedding photographers offer. At M.J.B. Weddings, we customize packages to meet your needs so you don’t get tricked into buying products you do not need. I believe knowing what you want is one of the […]

Wedding Season is Just Around The Corner

2014 promises to be another exciting year for weddings in the Omaha area. The warmer weather makes for beautiful settings of the bride and groom, and the spring colors enhance the photos to leave you with memories that will get even better with time. Here are a few places around Omaha I like to use […]

Welcome to my wedding photography blog

M.J.B. Photography, has a wedding division that specializes in wedding photography in the Omaha Nebraska area. This blog will concentrate on wedding and engagement photography and leave other types of photography projects alone. Michel Becka is an experienced professional who dedicates his wedding documentation to capturing emotion and provide high quality bridal portraits, along with […]